born in washington d.c., andrew developed an eye for art and design at an early age. his childhood memories of trips to museums, concerts and performances sparked his interest in music where he draws much of his inspiration.

photography to andrew is a culmination of his appreciation for fine arts, his great love of music and his passion for drawing. a dream come to fruition, andrew was given the opportunity to work under chrissy. in learning and combining different aspects of photography, andrew has fostered his art in capturing rare moments and translating them into a timeless image.
krystal studied photojournalism and travel writing at the university of hawaii and obtained her degree in 2011. she started working for chrissy lambert shortly thereafter and says she “just loves it”! she adds that turning her passion into her profession and shooting in hawaii everyday is about as great as it gets.
if you’ve been to a great wedding, you know that those perfect, effortless events do happen, but with experience and talent quietly guiding things. it is the same with wedding photography. place jayson’s experience with hawaiian weddings and his love of the craft at the service of your bridal event, and you can relax with confidence-and enjoy every precious moment of your day.